I solve problems through design.

Complex visual problems excite me and I specialize in communicating ideas and information. I have experience working closely with project managers, engineering teams, and collaborating with other designers to create useful, usable, and delightful interfaces across mobile, web, and large-screen displays. I have the skills, knowledge, and experience to take intensive discovery deliverables ā€” site maps, competitive analysis, information architecture, and wireframes ā€” into action, resulting in fully rebranded platforms, products, and applications, all while focusing on optimized content presentation and responsive frameworks for maximum usability.

I love UX because it focuses on people and is both technical and creative. I enjoy working on a team to design and build intuitive products from the ground up and my ideal position is a hybrid between research and design. I'm passionate about the outdoors and preserving our public lands, which is why I really love to work with innovative design agencies and outdoor brands. For the curious, I am a member of The Hired Wrights and used to be an interactive designer at Clique Studios.

When Iā€™m not solving meaningful, visual problems, you can find me leading and organizing runs through the woods, over mountains and across islands with Thick Quad Squad Running. There is a sketchbook on my person at all times and I heavily document life in photo. I'm currently living in Portland, Maine with my rescue husky-mix pup, Robbie.

Selected projects I've worked on

Additional UX, dashboard, and product based projects available upon request.

Where to interact with me